Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Amendment: Lose the “Prayer” Breakfasts

Ocean City Mayor's Special Guest Says “No Mosques in America,” Invokes Hitler Against Obama, Etc.
It’s likely too late to block the Mayor’s choice of prayer breakfast keynoters – but why do government officials have “prayer breakfasts” anyway?  Jesus is reported to have said that when you pray, “don’t act like phonies.  They love to stand up and pray in houses of worship and on street corners, so they can show off in public.  I swear to you, their prayers have been answered!  When you pray, to into a room by yourself and shut the door behind you.  Then pray to your Father, the hidden one. . . . And when you pray, you should not babble on as the pagans do” (Matthew 6:5-8, Scholars Version).

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